How to get your boyfriend to propose
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It's not over
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It's not over

If you've both made your opinions clear on the subject of marriage, and they don't match up, you need to think about what you really want from your relationship.

If you're lovingly coupled up with a guy who's prepared to go the distance, do you really need a wedding? If you're prioritizing marriage in general over a relationship with this particular guy, it's probably time to call it quits on this one and reconsider your priorities.

"What is the purpose of a relationship if not to love another?" asks Alex.

"Relationships are about giving before asking for something back and they are about loving unconditionally, and being focused on the other person’s needs and desires just as much as we are on our own."

Compromise is a part of all relationships so be thankful for what you've got and if someday he does feel ready to enter into matrimony, consider it a happy bonus!

"The marriage certificate itself is not the end all be all," Alex emphasizes. "What you are really asking for is a promise of love, loyalty and 100% commitment. If your boyfriend can give you that, do you really need a piece of paper?"

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