How to get your boyfriend to propose
Should you take the initiative..?
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Should you take the initiative..?

So you've waited and waited - and waited - but a ring is yet to appear on that it time you took the plunge and just asked him yourself?

"You could, but I wouldn’t take that away from a man," advises Alex. "Ask around your male friends and ask them to tell you honestly how that would make them feel."

She clarifies that it's not an issue of equal rights - of course you're within your right to pop the question if you want - but of how your boyfriend is likely to respond.

You're in the best position to decide if he'd take a proposal well, but just beware that he might be a little taken aback by the role reversal.

As society is so used to seeing men propose to women, he may find it emasculating that you've taken this task out of his hands, and he may feel that you're being a bit pushy.

"Just because Monica proposed to Chandler (and he said yes!), doesn’t mean it's right for everybody," Alex cautions.

If he knows you're keen to get married and he hasn't popped the question yet, there's probably a reason.

Take all this into account before you decide to take the leap, and consider how you'd feel and what you'd do if he didn't feel ready to accept.

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