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Not the marrying type
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Not the marrying type

If the very idea of marriage is enough to get your guy breaking into a cold sweat it's unlikely you'll convince him that he's "the marrying type"

If you're adamantly in favor of marriage and vying for a chance at playing bride, you might just be putting him off even more.

"Ironically enough, a staggering number of men have been known to propose when they felt as if their girlfriend had given up on the idea," says Alex. "The very thing happened to me!

"My husband (my boyfriend at the time) had made it quite clear to me that he did not believe in marriage, that it is just a piece of paper and that his love for me didn’t need the validation of any kind of establishment.

"I argued back for years that it was about celebrating that love in front of all of your family and friends and that I didn’t want to bring up children with different surnames and that I was just 'the marrying type'. Then one day, I just gave up. I accepted that he was never going to propose and I let go of that battle. He proposed the following month."

Pushing him towards something he's not sure about might just make him less certain - no one likes to be manipulated into making a decision.

And laying off a bit allows him to see your softer side, and that you're willing to give up your big plans out of love for him.

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