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Money troubles
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Money troubles

Have you ever imagined your dream wedding? The venue, the dress, the catering, the carriage, not to mention the honeymoon...

Right, now have you ever come up with a budget for that? It can be scary stuff!

Traditionally, the bride's parents would bear the brunt of the costs, but nowadays the financial burden tends to be split depending on your circumstances.

"If you are experiencing money worries, and he knows you want the big white wedding, of course this would be concerning him," Alex says.

"He might be thinking he wants to give you the wedding of your dreams and might be feeling inadequate because he doesn’t feel he can do that at this moment in time."

If you think this might be the case, you need to look at your own intentions too. What's more important, the big statement wedding or the lifelong commitment to your fella?

"If your answer is the wedding, then you need to talk to yourself (or to me!) about how you really feel about your man," concludes Alex. "If the answer is the latter, then make sure he knows that."

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