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Fear of rejection
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Fear of rejection

If your guy's not got down on one knee yet even though you both want to marry, it could be the proposal itself, not the idea of marriage, that's giving him the heebie-jeebies.

"Could it be that he wants to propose but he is scared you will say no?" asks Alex. "This is a big deal for men as it would be the ultimate rejection."

So how can you judge if fear of rejection is weighing heavily on your man's heart, and what can you do about it?

"Ask yourself what kind of signals you are sending out," Alex advises. "Just because you have been together for four years doesn’t mean he is obliged to take things further if you aren’t close or intimate, or are experiencing lots of stress or arguing on a regular basis."

If you've been playing him hot and cold, or have a short fuse, he may well be unsure how you'll react to a proposal. 

"Show him that you want to patch things up," suggests Alex. "Apologize when you should, listen when he speaks and make an effort to spend quality time together."

If your relationship isn't based on a solid foundation of love, trust, and good communication, it's probably not time to buy that white gown anyway!

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