How to break up with someone you love: Do's and don'ts
How to dump someone
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How to dump someone

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Break up don't: Phase him out 

Stacey, 26, was phased out by her ex, after spending 9 months together when he decided it was over he just simply stopped calling and didn't think to tell her.

"It was really frustrating not knowing what was going on - and the fact that he didn't just tell me was the most hurtful thing. But in a way it showed me he wasn't man enough."

It may be tempting to screen his calls, avoid his texts and not respond but phasing him out will send him into worry overdrive which isn't fair. Remember those empty "I'll call you" promises from guys in your past? Don't be that person. 

Break up do: Be direct 

If you find talking to him difficult and don't want to hurt his feelings, get real. That's why breaking up with someone you love is so hard.

Rather than avoiding the issue and hoping he will get the hint, be direct. Take a deep breath and tell him it's over. It'll give you both relief to know where you stand, even if it's pretty sad.

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