The cons

The cons

1. Fear of discovery 
The fear of leaving a clue lying around, the phone ringing, or bumping into someone you know when you're with him can really stress you out and it's not nice to live with over any length of time.

2. Guilt

Your husband gives you flowers and you dissolve into tears; you start making him gourmet dinners because you feel bad; you struggle to look at your reflection in the mirror; and when the cashier asks for your 'loyalty' card in the supermarket it makes you feel sick to the stomach. Guilt is not a pleasant feeling to live with.

3. Shame 
Yes, you're a free woman and you can do what you want, but you know you're betraying the trust of a man who loves you - and deep down, you're not proud of yourself for doing it.

4. Money
Sexy underwear, beauty treatments, meals out, hotel rooms and the like can all add up to a bank statement that could send you reeling with shock!

5. Accidents
In the heat of the moment, you forget to use a condom and fall pregnant. And unwanted pregnancies aside, you can catch all sorts of STDs if you're not careful. Is it really worth it?

6. He won't go away 
Your casual lover turns into a crazed stalker and you can't get rid of him. He calls you at all hours of the day and night, turns up at your house, contacts your family and friends, threatens your partner...oh, it happens!

7. Breaking it off
He gets possessive or sick of waiting for you and decides to end it. You're gutted and feel betrayed, and all you can do is lock yourself in your bathroom and cry your eyes out. It's hard to find a sympathetic ear after you've had an affair and been dumped by your bit on the side.

8. No going back in your relationship
When your partner finds out, things can't ever be the same as they were. You've gone too far and he can't trust you any more. The anger and pain you've caused him are too much to bear. Few couples manage to come out of infidelity stronger - for most, cheating is the end.

9. A nasty break-up
Your partner finds out or you confess all. He's devastated, won't give you another chance and leaves you. This kind of break-up is obviously really painful and sudden: all of a sudden you're out of the door and everyone knows what you've done. Aside from your personal tragedy, you cause a royal scandal that does no-one any good.


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