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What is an emotional affair


 - What is an emotional affair
An emotional affair doesn’t include any kind of physical intimacy; it can be purely based on emotion.

That might be getting emotional support from someone who isn’t your partner, or spending more time with a certain someone.

You might even declare your love for the other person, without doing anything physical.

If there is a physical side to the relationship it's likely to be holding hands, friendly hugs, a kiss on the cheek...

In fact, emotional affairs often begin as friendships, but develop over time meaning they can feel quite innocent at first.

Colleagues are often prime candidates for emotional affairs as we spend so much mroe time at work than we do at home with our partner.

We often use our friends outside of the relationship as a sounding board for problems we're having within it or as a nice escape from something that's become boring and mundane.

Cheating doesn't have to be physical

‘Cheating’ is not just about a sexual act; it can be about you turning to someone else to fulfill your relationship needs. Having someone to confide in might sound like quite a positive thing, but it can seriously damage your relationship.

A partner should fulfill most of your physical and emotional needs and act as your support. If this job has fallen to someone else then over time your partner will become redundant and once they realize this, they will start to pull away from you.

Of course it can work both ways. You could even become so wrapped up in your emotional affair that you fail to notice your partner has had to find solace elsewhere.

Having friends - even friends off the opposite sex - is not an issue in itself. An emotional affair begins when this person takes over one of your partner's important roles: supporting you, listening to you and being your confidante.

If you find you're sharing intimate feelings with your "friend" before or instead of your partner then alarm bells should be ringing.


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