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Emotional affairs often start off innocently - Emotional Affair | What is an emotional affair
Emotional affairs often start off innocently
When an emotional affair begins those involved may not even consider it to be a relationship let alone a serious relationship or an affair.

Emotional affairs can begin as a friendship... or at least that's the idea.

Unlike a traditional affair where it's the physical intimacy that defines the infidelity - an emotional affair does not cross the physical boundaries - there is no sex, no kissing and yet the impact of an emotional betrayal can be just as devastating as a full blown affair, a fling or a one night stand.

The other person in an emotional affair is often a colleague or old friend. It can start innocently enough: perhaps traveling to work together, gradually keeping in touch more often, by phone, by text message or by instant message, online.

As the friendship grows it can begin to feel more intimate than the marriage or relationship it is supplementing.

Even though no physical lines have been crossed, those involved often feel reluctant to mention the friendship to their partner(s) as the relationship progresses.

Often as the friendship grows stronger, those involved will sense their partner becoming suspicious of how often the other person features in conversation:

"I went to lunch with Dave...",
"You'll never guess what Dave said..."
"Dave let me borrow this book, he said I'd love it"

..."Who is this Dave?"

Even though nothing has happened the relationship starts to become a secret to avoid suspicion. "Dave" is mentioned less and less and yet the lunches, dinners and email chats continue and in some cases even increase.

This breach of trust is often more painful than sexual disloyalty. And it can be even harder to make amends with your partner and revive your marriage or original relationship.

If you want to know when an innocent friendship is in danger of becoming an emotional affair, read on to find out what goes into a betrayal of the heart.

Jules Filsell – eHarmony’s relationship advice expert – gives her lowdown on the ins and outs of emotional affairs.


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