Cougars and toyboys: how and why?
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Toyboys tell it like it is...
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Toyboys tell it like it is...

"I only date women who are 20 years older than me, or almost. They're a lot more elegant than women in their thirties. They've got a certain something that brings me to my knees!"
Phil, 31, stockbroker

"For me, it's strictly sexual! An older woman's sex appeal flows out from every inch of her body, I can't explain it but I'm not complaining..."
Edward, 36, teacher

"Older women know exactly what they want; they don't beat about the bush. If they're into you, they'll make sure you know. It doesn't seem to be a big effort for them to do so, plus they do it with a lot of class!"
Michael, 29, chef

"When I'm loved up in the arms of an older woman, I feel safer. And I quite like the little gigolo I turn into!"
John, 33, barman

"They just know what they're doing, if you know what I mean!"
Rob, 30, engineer

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