The consequences

He promised he'd shave if she got her fringe cut - The consequences
He promised he'd shave if she got her fringe cut

He's also furious. When you lay into him like that for such 'trivial' things, he just doesn't understand. He thinks you've got a nerve: he does a lot more round the house than his own dad ever did. He defends himself and puts his argument across: he does do the washing up, he did it last week! Then when you cynically snort at each of his pathetic attempts to find an example, he gets angry and sarcastic: "Yeah you're right, aren't you?! I'm just a lazy bum, but you, you're so perfect!". This is to try and make you feel guilty.

Alternatively, he starts imitating you and makes you out to be a neurotic clean freak. He grabs a pile of dirty socks up off the floor, yells "There, you happy now?" and chucks them in the washing machine (which he forgets to turn on). It's a lost cause. 

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