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Same old story

Same old story

You've been in this situation before and you're sick of it: why can't you hold down a relationship? Why do you always get let down by the same type of loser - commitment-phobes, personality-deficient headcases, misunderstood geniuses, immature mummy's boys, married men...

Questions you need to ask yourself
Why do you always go for a certain type?
Why do you go for unnattainable men?
Why are you always the one who gets dumped rather than the one doing the dumping? 

What you can take from it
The men in your past only have one thing in common: you. You need to look at yourself and work on your self-confidence, that subconscious fear of commitment that makes you chase after unattainable men, your need for constant reassurance and protection, and your fear of being alone.


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