You're not happy unless you're in a relationship

You're not happy unless you're in a relationship

You need to be in a relationship to feel complete. You can't see the future alone, and if you become single you actively seek out a new boyfriend. When you get into a relationship, you'll do anything to hold onto it. 

Your strengths: You cherish the time you spend alone with your beloved, wherever you are and whatever you're doing - traveling, going out for dinner or staying in. You love snuggling up to him and you want to be together forever. You really make the effort to save a relationship, by getting the magic back in the bedroom department for example. 

Your weaknesses: You think that being on your own is the end of the world, which is why you feel you have to play seduction games to hang onto him. You might suffer from jealousy, and you could even resort to extremes such as emotional blackmail to keep your man.

Advice for you: Why not bring a breath of fresh air into your relationship by finding something you're both passionate about, such as music or writing - anything you both love? This would channel your energy into something different and make you both happy.



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