Your lifestyle is preventing you from finding love

Your lifestyle is preventing you from finding love

You're a very lively person and you surround yourself with friends, yet the men in your life don't always hang around for long. If this is the case, you're not really single by choice! You probably dream about being with someone and complain about your single status.

Your strengths: You're good at connecting with people and you have lots of friends. You manage your time well, and you always have something to do, from nights out to exercise classes. You're always looking for other things to do though, especially at weekends, evenings and during holidays, because it would be depressing to have to spend that time on your own...

Your weaknesses: Your hectic schedule is preventing you from chilling out and settling down. You avoid solitude because you can easily get down when you're on your own, which is why you go out and seek new things. 

Advice for you: You basically don't have time for a boyfriend! You'd have to set aside time and make a gap for him in your schedule, and we all know relationships don't work like that. You need to decide what you want, and you need to learn to be happy on your own, or else you'll end up either using men or scaring them off.



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