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Outfit Changes? And One Too Many Shots? 30 Stages Girls Go Through Before A Night Out

Vivian KELLY
by Vivian KELLY Published on May 3, 2014

Getting dolled up, free flowing spirits and feeling like a superstar? There's a reason why we put more effort into getting ready for a girl's night out than the night out itself. All our tanning horrors and wardrobe dilemmas suddenly become totally worthwhile. Not convinced, boys? Ha, well here’s a little taste of the fun. Check out the 30 stages girls go through BEFORE a night out!

1. The “What are you wearing?” panic text

Going out with the girls never comes without knowing what the others are wearing. Ever. Girls need to know what they're up against. We’re all fighting to come out on top (whether you admit it or not).

2. The dress envy melt down

If her dress is way cuter we’re probably burning with jealousy and biting our tongues and applying more mascara to make up for it. But we’ll still say how much we love it. P.S. If she’s mean about it, she ain’t your real friend.

3. The outfit change

This is the part where we uproot EVERYTHING from our wardrobes. We need the perfect piece but finding it never comes easy.

4. Furious fake tanning

The key here is to be quick and thorough.

5. Painting our faces

We heard guys like the natural look, but we're so not OK with that. This part of the night takes TIME. Contouring, sexy eyes, trying out that new tutorial... putting our makeup on is a RITUAL that has to be respected.

6. Fighting with eyelash glue

Pain. In. The. Ass. No girl enjoys it, but if one of us is wearing false lashes, we’ll all be wearing them, too.

7. The social media overhaul

It’s not everyday we look this cute! Besides, we need a way to tell the girls to hurry the hell up. Via Snapchat obvs...

7. The pre-game drinks

Find a cup, mug or just drink from the bottle. Anything goes on a GNO.

8. A half assed attempt at drinking games

Nah gossiping is WAY too much fun.

9. Drinking like a boss

…which means double or triple shots. Wondering why we can’t handle our drink, boys? We’ve already won!

10. Sharing the love

Girls are hardwired to be emotional and affectionate. So don't be surprised when we say how much we love each other. Hugs, too!

11. Reminiscing about that time that...

Whether it’s about a loser ex-boyfriend or looking back on another night out there’s always a funny story to tell on a girl’s night out.

12. The dancing begins...

With the music loud and drinks flowing one of the girls is guaranteed to get up and start dancing. (You can get away with a lot if you're drunk.) This is the pre-club warm up. Our moves are gonna look HOT.

13. The NEED to take pictures

Girls love documenting their GNO preparation, starting with hair and makeup selfies. Why? One, because we look hot and two, because beyond 1AM the photos are hilarious.

14. Someone tries to round up the girls…

“We should go out soon.” YEAH... RIGHT...

15. One hour later…

…someone decides it's FINALLY time to head out. Three girls, five girls, ten girls - the head count is vital.

16. The pre-taxi frenzy

There's only ten minutes to do everything ALL over again. Touch-ups, accessorizing, the overload of deodorant, the perfume spritz and walk through routine, and the white patch on your back (that still needs to be filled in with instant tan). Make it happen girls.

17. You can’t find your shoes

Why now?! Try a group search. Works every time.

18. Fill up your bottles

At this point, we definitely don't need to drink, but that still doesn't stop us from getting someone to find an empty bottle and mixing a concoction of five different liquors. After all, everyone needs something for the taxi ride.

19. You forget something

Girls never forget their lipstick. But our ID, house keys and debit card? Well, that's another story...

20. If we remember as we're getting into the taxi...

…we’ll run back in as quick as possible. P.S. There’s always time for one more cheeky shot.

21. Suck up to the taxi driver

We’ll apologize profusely and become best friends with the driver to avoid getting charged. What? And waste precious drink money? Guess again.

22. Turn up

The first thing to ask the driver? Turn up the music please!

23. Pep talk

Girls always remind each other to act ‘sophisticated’ at the door. Now is not the time to be looking a hot mess…

24. There’s a line...

...and it's too freaking cold, so naturally we huddle. You'd think we'd be wearing coats, but nope. No way we're hiding all these goodies.

25. The bitching begins

By this time, we're shivering and so desperate for the bathroom, we've turned into our very own version of Mean Girls. We all do it - it's in our DNA.

26. The ID check

Keep a straight face? Smile to the bouncer? Whatever - just act sober!

27. Bag check

Our bags are wide open and ready to be checked. We have nothing to hide. Um, where did we put that bottle again?

28. The pre-entry plan

Girls always map out a plan before going into the club. (Even if it almost always gets shot to hell.)

28. TOILET!!!

Our bladders can only last so long. WHERE’S THE LADIES ROOM?

30. Everyone unites in the bathroom

Touch ups and more photos? Standard.

Keep your eyes peeled for part two…The Stages We Go Through During A Girl's Night Out!

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