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Phillies Fan Catches Foul Ball with Baby Strapped to His Chest

Emma Goddard
by Emma Goddard Published on May 11, 2015

While many of us spent Mother's Day with gift-giving and Sunday brunch, Phillies fan Mike Capko spent it at a baseball game with his wife, son, and what might be the craziest foul ball catch of 2015. That is, when Capko caught his first ever foul ball at the Mets-Phillies game he was attending on Sunday, he also happened to have a 7-month-old baby strapped to his chest.

Capko, who told the Associated Press "It was a natural reaction," caught the ball bare-handed with what appeared to be complete ease as his baby, Kolton, looked on unknowingly. In fact, neither the 30-year-old nor his child seemed to flinch as the ball flew towards them and Capko received approval from both the crowd and his wife immediately upon grabbing it.

Although Capko admitted that he was ​"more of a soccer player who’s 'not a very good thrower'" to the Associated Press, it's lucky for him and especially his child that he's a good catcher, whatever the sport. Not only that, but Capko was able to catch the foul ball with his left hand despite being a righty, potentially saving Kolton's life.

​While many are praising Capko for being father of the year, there are still numerous critics, parents and the like, who have aired their concerns over Kolton being at a baseball game in the first place. There wasn't much in the way of protecting the baby — Capko didn't shield him or move away — so it only makes sense that people are upset, if not disappointed.

On the other hand however, those in support of the father have said his move to catch the ball was in fact safer than an attempt to avoid it. I feel that I don't have a place to judge someone else's parenting style, but I'm just glad that game didn't end differently and that Kolton is safe and sound. Plus, with a smiling wife Alyssa at Capko's side, I guess we can all rest assured that he wasn't in the dog house that night. As epic as his catch was, maybe Capko should leave the baby at home next time.


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