How does your child learn to talk?
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Does you baby understand what you say?

Does you baby understand what you say?

We still don’t know very much about the cerebral processes which govern language, but researchers have identified certain areas of the left side of the brain which are in action right from birth.  But how do you know if your baby understands what you’re saying?  First words are full of emotion for the baby, who remembers the facial expressions and intonations.  Sometimes a single word will be enough to soothe him or a smile to make him giggle, but over time, he’ll retain the message, repeat the sounds which you make and soon you’ll notice that he can give you the object you are asking him for, or starting making his way towards the bathroom when you mention bath time.  Over time, he’ll de-code words connected to his everyday life.  Pointing is one of the first forms of non-verbal communication.   


Sarah Horrocks
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