How does your child learn to talk?
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Crying as Communication

Crying as Communication

Your baby can communicate right from his early days without the need for words. His crying will change when he’s tired, hungry or in pain and you’ll learn to ‘read’ him over the first few months. Crying can mean of different things, according to our expert, Dr Ruffo: “Crying can mean practically anything: he’s hungry, he’s wet, he’s too hit, he’s thirsty, he doesn’t feel safe.” Even if you’re not sure what he means at first, over the first few weeks you’ll work out what he needs, whether it be soothing words, a cuddle, a change of position to make him more comfortable, before too long, you’ll know the answer. Remember that a newborn baby never cries for nothing, or just to ‘get at’ his parents, it’s the only way he has of making himself understood. Don’t forget that what pushes a child to communicate first and foremost is a huge emotional need.


Sarah Horrocks
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