Development of baby's senses: stimulating the five senses
Sight in babies: how to develop baby's sense of sight
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Sight in babies: how to develop baby's sense of sight

Right from birth, your baby is able to see. Although not exactly in the same way as adults see because newborns' sight is blurry. They can't yet make out colors, contours or distances very well.

Help develop your baby's sense of sight by leaving your face close to theirs so they can better distinguish your features.

Advice from Dr Ifergan 
"A child can spot a face just as long as it's round, has two black dots and a red line on it!

From three months on, a baby begins to see better. It's time to give them rattles, attach a toy bar to their baby chair, and put up mobiles over their bed that turn slowly to the sound of music. Use colors!"

Another tip? Lights and mirrors! These are a good way of stimulating a newborn's sight and at this age, there's no risk of them becoming narcissistic!

Should night lights be left on all night? "Yes, but only if the child expresses difficulty going to sleep in the dark, and if you've noticed that the night light allows them to get a better night's sleep," indicates Dr Ifergan.

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