Real-life stories: how to get back in shape after baby
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Post-pregnancy diet: nutritionist's advice
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Post-pregnancy diet: nutritionist's advice

10 golden rules according to nutritionist Dr Monnier-Vaquette

  1. Have three meals a day with a snack (if necessary) such as a dairy product and a piece of fruit, but don't worry about sticking to specific times to eat.
  2. Prioritize protein (meat, fish, dairy products) and starchy foods (pasta, rice, potatoes).
  3. For breakfast, have a dairy product, a piece of fruit and a slice of bread with a thin layer of butter. A typical meal should be made up of 100g of cooked starchy foods or 50g of bread, a dairy product, a piece of fruit and a single tablespoon of oil.
  4. Only weigh yourself once a week.
  5. Move a little every day: walk at a brisk pace, do some exercise in front of the TV or even better, go to the swimming pool if you have someone to look after baby.
  6. Sleep! A litle afternoon siesta will help if nights are too short.
  7. Relax: the first obstacle to slimming is stress!
  8. Don't snack between meals using the excuse that you're tired. Instead, drink a large glass of water, a cup of tea or an infusion.
  9. If you want to eat a little chocolate or something sweet, do so at the end of a meal rather than in between meals.
  10. Go easy on cheese. Stick to a limit of 30g and replace it with a yogurt.

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