Real-life stories: how to get back in shape after baby
Post-birth low-calorie diet
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Post-birth low-calorie diet

Kathy, 38, public relations manager, 3 children

How much weight did you put on during pregnancy? I've always been slim but after the birth of my third daughter two years ago, there was about half a stone that I just couldn't shift.

What method did you use to get rid of this excess weight? A friend advised me to go see a nutritionist. As I wasn't breastfeeding, the nutritionist put me on a low-calorie, high-protein diet over 3 weeks: carbohydrate and fat were out, and I ate nothing but meat, eggs, fish and vegetables. Bit by bit, I reintroduced carbs.

How long did it take to get your figure back? One month later, the excess weight from pregnancy had disappeared. Bye bye flabby belly and thighs! I lost half a stone in 3 weeks.

Advantages of this method: It's now two months later and I haven't put any weight back on, I'm over the moon.

Disadvantages of this method: Although the weight's gone, I'm still not as firm as I used to be so I need to tone my body with more exercise.

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