Real-life stories: how to get back in shape after baby
Breastfeeding post-birth to aid weight loss
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Breastfeeding post-birth to aid weight loss

Marie, 33, personal assistant, 3 children

How much weight did you put on during pregnancy? During each of my three pregnancies, I put on just under 2 stone, on my stomach, thighs and bum. But after each pregnancy, I quickly lost the weight I'd put on and I actually ended up being a couple of stone below my normal weight.

What method did you use to get rid of this excess weight?
Breastfeeding. It wasn't a weightloss solution for me, it was a choice I made because it was something that I wanted to do for my children. I fed them exclusively on breast milk for the first six months, then I reduced their feeds up to their 1st birthday.

How long did it take to get your figure back?
I was amazed every time: I was back in shape only 4 months after giving birth.

Advantages of this method: The main advantage is that I didn't have to worry about what I was eating. I ate lots and I ate everything because I was very hungry.

Disadvantages of this method: The only drawback is that while breastfeeding helps to burn fat, it also reduces the size of your breasts quite a lot! And although you lose your rolls of fat, you don't get a flat stomach without putting some effort in.

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