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Baby Tries Avocado for the First Time and Her Face Says it All

Emma Goddard
by Emma Goddard Published on May 15, 2015

I haven't met a single person who doesn't like avocado. Guacamole, avocado on toast, avocado with eggs, and avocado smoothies? The possibilities are endless. Yet if my parents had fed avocado to me when I was younger, I probably would've hated it, as would many of you. I mean just look at them. So when a set of parents posted a video to YouTube of their baby eating avocado for the first time, her reaction was not only priceless but completely understandable.

We all know that babies can be picky eaters, so it only makes sense that this tike was not feeling it. The look she gives the camera as she eats the puréed avocado is that of pure terror and shock. I mean really... how could her parents betray her like that and allow her to munch on something so vile?

As her eyes grow larger, she pulls the whole "I'm not eating this" turn of the head as her mother attempts to make her eat more. She goes in for a few extra bites, but it doesn't take her long to let her mom and dad know that no, she will not be eating any of that green mush from here on out. Not even an airplane spoon could get her to love it.

Don't worry little one. You will learn the wonders of the avocado soon enough.


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