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Layering blankets is the most traditional way to cover your baby while she's sleeping. In accordance with the current advice from the FSID, Midwife Sue MacDonald, recommends layering 1-2 simple bottom blankets over a flat sheet.

"You have to be very careful about overheating in the summer" she says, "and making sure babies are warm enough in the winter."
"Overheating can be very bad for babies." She adds.

FSID recommend that the room where your baby will be sleeping should be between 16-20 degrees Celsius. Room thermometers are a great way to monitor this.
Sue advises mums and dads to check the temperature of their sleeping babies by feeling their chest area rather than just their forehead. 
Blanket layers can then be removed or added to regulate your sleeping baby’s temperature.
The disadvantage to layers is that in kicking off their blankets, babies can wake themselves up or need to be re-tucked in to keep warm.

>Feet to Foot
FSID recommend babies are place 'feet to foot' which means their feet should be resting at the very end of the cot to prevent them from wriggling down underneath the covers.
>Natural or Organic
Simple natural-fiber plain or cellular blankets are the best as they offer breathable warmth for babies. The Fine Cotton Company offer organic cotton blankets from £12 (pictured), Mothercare offer 100% cotton cellular blankets from £7.99.
In winter months synthetic fabrics or cotton mixes can keep babies warmer and some mums find them easier to wash and maintain. 

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