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Star Signs: Everything You Need To Spot A Virgo

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on August 20, 2014

The August 23rd to September 22nd is the time of the Virgo; the Monica Geller of all the star signs. Practical, meticulous, but constantly worrying, Virgos have some great personality traits. But with them comes some serious downsides. So should you be checking who is carrying around antibacterial hand sanitizer in their bag, or is there a better way of spotting a Virgo?

We spoke to astrologist of 30 years, Leticia Parmer, to find out what to look out for when trying to spot someone with the Earth star sign…

Virgos are suckers for detail

Virgos are known to be extremely attentive to details which is both a blessing and a curse.

Parmer says: “Virgos carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, they feel the burden of responsibility over everything. Therefore they can be quite fussy over the details, as they simply cannot possibly afford to make a mistake.”

They never give themselves a break

Although being meticulous can be a great thing (you know they’d throw a bitching brunch complete with hand sewn napkins), Virgos don’t know when to chill out.

According to Parmer, “They are hypercritical - initially of themselves, but once their own personal glass of criticism is full, then it overspills and they start to criticize others.”

If someone born late August to September is being grouchy with you, here’s how to deal with them,“Never take their criticism to heart, and certainly never return criticism for criticism. Instead, be compassionate and retaliate by not adding to their load, but with praise and reassurance. Believe it or not, that will stop their criticism in its tracks.”

They are notorious worriers

Being a Virgo must be a stressful affair because according to Palmer, “Virgos do guilt and worry very well.” So not only can they be very unsure of themselves, they are constantly worrying about it."

Guys, let someone else do the work for once and chill out!

Worth hiring? Give them a second-in-command job and they will thrive!

Since Virgos can become very stressed out and, of course, are worriers, being in command isn’t their cup of tea. Palmer says, “Virgo types are happier in a 'second in command' role rather than having to carry the enormous responsibility of being the leader or boss.”

What careers suit Virgos the most?

Well, something that involves serious attention to detail wouldn’t go amiss. Palmer says, “[Virgos make] excellent proof readers and accountants, they excel anywhere where thoroughness, cleanliness and attention to detail are important. [They are] completely practical and down-to-earth Virgos are naturally good at handling money.”

You won't catch them on a shopping spree

As you can imagine, “Virgo's can calculate in their mind every penny of debit and credit, and thus they would never squander or let funds drift away. Being extremely practical, they might consider certain purchases frivolous if they cannot see an actual hands-on logical point to the item.”

You're much more likely to find Virgos making well thought-through purchases and bargain buys rather than full on shopping sprees.

What is a Virgo like in a relationship?

If you're with a Virgo and you can’t take criticism, you should back away slowly…

“Some Virgos can take years to find someone they can settle with, simply because they are always asking themselves - is there someone just that little bit more perfect over the horizon? They can see your weak points or imperfections, and may try to correct you," says Palmer.

“But don't take it personally. Just reassure them [that] you know however much criticism has spilled out from them, there are hundreds more arrows of criticism within them pointing at themselves. It is hard for Virgos to realize that each of us are perfect in our imperfections; including themselves!”

So should you be with a Virgo?

Virgo is an Earth sign so it’s generally thought that they will get along famously with Water signs; Pisces being the top choice. According to Palmer, “The practical down-to-earth and anxious Virgo is soothed by the dreamy, poetical and mystical Pisces, and it is safe for Pisces to exist in the dreamscape knowing all practical matters have been taken care of by Virgo.”

Other contenders are water signs Scorpio and Cancer, but the other Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn would mesh well with a Virgo as well!

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