Love spells

Love spell to help mend a broken heart


Love spell to help mend a broken heart

Its not always easy to get over a failed relationship, and no amount of counseling or help from friends can guarantee to make you feel better about things.

A broken heart can not only make your life seem less colorful, but it can also change your perceptive on future love and relationships in general.

Preparation for the spell to heal and mend a broken beart:
You must perform this love spell by yourself, to prepare, take a shower, without soap, and wash your face 7 times, and wipe from your chin to the back of your head. Dry off carefully and wear exclusively white clothing, and make sure you remove any jewelry.

Ingredients for spell:
Verbena (Plant)
String (Yarn or Thread)
3 candles

Hint: Perform step 1 exactly 7 days before the new moon.

Step 1: Tie the string around the verbena and carry it for 7 days in your right pants pocket.

Step 2: Remove the string from the verbena. Light 3 candles and bury the verbena and the string beneath a tree during the night of the new moon.

After you have buried these things, blow out the candles one by one and say the following:

First Candle: (his/her name) I give you and my love to you back to nature as I’ve given the verbena.

Second Candle: (his/her name) I am released from my sorrow as the verbena is from the string.

Third Candle: with this last candle, my love for you vanishes and will rest forever like the verbena.



Gemma Kayim
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