Love spells

Love spell to bring back an old lover


Love spell to bring him back an old lover

Not being able to except that your relationship is over is hard sometimes.

If you think there is still a chance that you can make it work, but he doesn’t agree, then cast this love spell to successfully retrieve your old flame.

You will need two white candles, a photo (or drawing) of your partner, a smiling photo of yourself, a chamomile tea bag and a piece of blue material.

At exactly 8’o clock in the evening, light the candles in front of you and relax.

Picture a serene scene with a beautiful surrounding.

Take the picture of your ex in your hand and chant the following words:

"With the light of the flame I'll light your desire,
When I speak your name you'll feel my fire,
The spell has been cast So Be It!"

Speak out his name three times and put your picture face-down on top of his.

Place the pictures on the blue cloth along with the tea bag and wrap it around and then keep the package in a safe place.

Light the candles every night at the same time, and say his name three times.

In three weeks, he will come back to you.



Gemma Kayim
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