Love spells

Love spell to get married


Love spell to get married

If you don’t think your other half has got it in him just yet to propose, then perhaps he needs some help.

Try out this nifty little love spell to become a Mrs once and for all.

What you will need:
flower petals (Preferably Rose), a marker pen, Rose water, a few hair strands of you and your partner's hair and two white candles.

What to do:
Place the two lighted white candles opposite to each other.

Scribble the name of your partner on each petal of the flower with the marker.

Take the hair strands of your partner and you, and burn them with the flame of the candle that is farther from you.

After, sprinkle the ashes from the burnt hair with rose water and collect them.
Dip all the flower petals in rose water and toss them around your partner’s house and spread the ashes under the front doormat of his house and lastly sprinkle rose water over it.

Once you have completed the procedure, turn back and leave.

Make sure you do not look back otherwise the spell might not be effective.



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