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Your Weekly Horoscopes In May

Ursula Dewey
by Ursula Dewey Published on May 19, 2015

Find out what's in store for your star sign this week from 19th to 24th May. From the ups and downs to life's lucky days here's the horoscope forecast no girl should be without! Everything you need to know for the week ahead is right here.


This is a time of potential misunderstandings if you aren’t clear about your position. Wednesday’s brainwave is exactly what’s needed. Communication is vital to implement your plans, and by Saturday arrangements that seemed complicated will fall into place more easily. You can count on friends and loved ones. With so much going on at work and personally you can expect a little mayhem, and sexual tension too...


Despite your private doubts, remain positive. You are making a better impression than you know. By midweek you’ll charm the birds out of the trees with well-chosen words, and you’ll get what you want in various areas... From Friday, with increased confidence, the focus shifts to what you are worth and are able to offer. Nothing stands in the way of stunning progress, but you’ll battle out some more intimate issues this weekend.


Your intuition can be trusted: knowledge is power but you’ll also know to keep sensitive information under wraps…. By Thursday having an active mind is your top asset, and the time has come to open up about a secret ambition. Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of all the information you have recently gleaned. A little tussling over priorities will prove to be a creative process for you, and for those you rely on most.


It’s wise to spread the net and you’ll see how other people can help you move forward - you have more friends than you know. Monday’s general chat produces great ideas for you personally. Reflecting and regrouping a little now will pay off over coming weeks. You’ll make the most of brilliant advice others have offered. Soon your motivation will be second to none; put yourself first and a prize at work is more easily won.


You are making more headway than you imagine, and Tuesday’s ambitious talk hits the nail on the head. Just try not to get bogged down in information overload at work. Thinking things through may prove essential. This weekend social distractions are just what you need - you’ll see how many people believe in you and want to boost your confidence. Any minor opposition to your vision for the future is overcome with tact. .


Plans to realise an ambition are not yet set in stone, so take time to enjoy the journey of discovery. This will have its own rewards, as unexpected developments are one-offs. This weekend you’ll understand how exploring new options leads to achievable targets that could change your life. On Sunday you’ll already see the light at the end of one particular tunnel. Even an opinionated friend helps you see how much other people respect you.


You’ll improve a financial situation, but it’s important to grasp another person’s role in this. Tuesday and Wednesday offer practical solutions if you are prepared to listen to someone’s expertise… By Sunday the tables turn and you’ll be free to make adventurous plans - perhaps involving travel and/or new knowledge. Someone special is looking after you and knows how you can represent yourself best.


If your ears are burning this week it probably means loved-ones are discussing you. This is by no means idle gossip, and compliments you’ll enjoy are revealed if you ask. By Saturday healthy curiosity will ensure you make progress in any shared concerns. This leads to a deeper and more meaningful understanding with someone special. But at the same time expect a few arguments about plans for this Bank Holiday Weekend.


Work and other commitments seem like an endless list of chores, but by Thursday a hunch will ease your load and delegating to others is easier than expected. This weekend you’ll appreciate relationships more if you take the hint that someone wants you to speak frankly. Friends prove their loyalty and a love affair can thrive too. Romance and work vie for your attention but you have got what it takes to strike a balance.


Letting your hair down and having fun is productive in its own way. Feeling appreciated and attractive midweek may even lead you towards a new creative mission. In many ways you are facing challenges, but solving a mystery helps you act on bold ideas. The information you need is at your fingertips. Someone you admire is especially dynamic, which is inspiring as well as daunting… But there will be dramatic benefits.


Improvements at home are definitely on the agenda – this will occur on multiple levels and is far more than a practical exercise. Enjoy the chance to connect more deeply in the relationships that count. On Friday someone makes an entertaining suggestion, which is irresistible. During this long weekend you’ll enter a phase where taking risks is child’s play to you. Seize the opportunity to show how courageous you really are.


You may have been feeling over-stretched at work, and personally. By Wednesday solutions appear - a positive plan of action forms and to some extent this means getting back to basics. The pace also accelerates at home this weekend and you must express any concerns to loved-ones, as this will establish new foundations. At the same time your greater self-esteem is bound to add sugar, and spice, to your romantic life.

This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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