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Your Weekly Horoscopes In June

Ursula Dewey
by Ursula Dewey Published on June 1, 2015

Find out what's in store for your star sign this week from June 1-7. From the ups and downs to life's lucky days here's the horoscope forecast no girl should be without! Everything you need to know for the week ahead is right here.


Observing your real feelings will influence your decisions, and a breakthrough is likely to follow. How you express yourself means a great deal to someone special. Your mind is operating at lightening speed, but sharp words could too easily have a dangerous edge. This weekend your needs and desires will complement each other, and you’ll be ready to pursue a whole range of fabulous ideas, big and small.


Surprise moves made by a friend will have a dramatic effect on your priorities. Voice any changes of heart and you’ll create new opportunities. On Tuesday an unusual social situation consolidates your opinions and helps you re-think an arrangement. By Friday you’ll have a stronger sense of what matters most. This weekend shrewd thinking helps keep someone in check: Self-confidence works magic when you need it.


Someone’s act of rebellion at work throws you off your stride, but you’ll handle this with flair. On Wednesday thinking on your feet has sublime romantic consequences too. Expect the unexpected career-wise, plus some intense negotiations with a loved-one. By Friday it’s apparent that actions speak louder than words. This weekend you’ll dream up a stunning scheme, as you are entering a new phase in personal development.


Keeping your own counsel is to your advantage, and this helps you process a discovery that strikes like a bolt from the blue. Conserving energy will pay off at home too. By Thursday take time to reflect on recent events as a focused mind can move mountains of huge significance to you. On Saturday observing the action behind the scenes is very instructive, and from Sunday success lies in doing your own thing.


Evidence of your popularity feels great, but on Monday it may put unexpected pressure on the purse strings. A purchase looks far too attractive. Self-control midweek will prevent money matters from getting out of hand and even open doors onto steamy love action. By Saturday a friend’s advice is illuminating - you’ll feel understood and cherished in the least obvious quarters. Now you’ll know who your friends are.


Someone close to home seems likely to throw a spanner in the works. But you are on the verge of career progress, and what seems disruptive may actually be in your favor. On Wednesday an ambitious idea cannot fail, even though it provokes heated reactions: a sparring match will be transformational. A clear strategy will be effective. Feel free to let your hair down at the weekend; you are about to enjoy a new phase in your social life.


Try to accept disrupted routines this week, as it is unavoidable (perhaps necessary) in order to launch an adventurous project. This may involve travel and/or further education in some shape or form. Soon the reasons for change will become clear, so recognise this as a breath of fresh air. This weekend it takes courage to be spontaneous and to speculate, but romantic rewards will follow. Investigate relevant trips or courses.


You are getting to the bottom of your closest relationships, and will discover riches you hadn’t dreamt of. A loved one may feel a little shaken by midweek, but honesty is your best policy and inspires welcome changes to romantic life. On Friday a heart-to-heart over shared concerns works wonders - you’ll tune into someone’s hidden feelings and needs. On Sunday tackling sensitive areas promises a true emotional awakening.


Unpredictable behavior at home impacts on everyone. A wake up call around midweek asks you to consider another person’s wishes: a little compromise is a revelation. Your willingness to take radical steps may pose a threat to someone you love, but by Thursday you’ll see how it renews your energies. Open communication throughout the weekend is vital to establish a game plan. Be prepared for a new stage in one-to-one liaisons.


Inventive thinking may upset some routine arrangements, but this stress is worthwhile and could create a lucky break at work. Try to relax your grip on practical details, as creative progress can be an unruly business. On Thursday you’ll easily juggle all balls and someone close helps you shape a strong idea. Try to roll with any changes, and by Sunday you’ll have a whole new take on what being single-minded means.


Have confidence in a mission you are on, as you’ll find your personal life blossoms too. Mostly it’s time to use your unique talents in order to fulfill your dreams, and by Thursday a stunning moment of truth will remind you of this… At the weekend listen to your heart to find out what and/or who is relevant to your happiness. Your imagination is a major advantage on Sunday, and you’ll experience a whole new side to passion.


A yearning for security may figure this week, but after midweek this is at odds with the all-powerful urge to take off and do your own thing. With an eye on both directions you’ll be equal to the challenge. On Thursday an act of courage makes you look fearless; you’ll also see what loved-ones need from you. By Saturday assert your wishes and you’ll receive valuable guidance, plus you’ll be motivated to turn over a new leaf at home.

This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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