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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read March's Forecast for Taurus!

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on March 2, 2015

A new direction will have a magnetic hold on you

Your wisest choice involves risks, and will broaden your horizons - the pay-off is life transforming. On the 7th a lucrative offer seems like a dream come true, but you must separate fact from fiction to maximise this. Colleagues and friends spring surprises so stay open-minded. By the 15th other people, and a little networking genius, propel you on your way. Just avoid a killjoy who could undermine your inspired thinking. Some tough talking wins respect for your ideas. On the 21st pondering recent events pays off, so play a watching, waiting game - you’ll pounce on your prey quite brilliantly later on.

Love Life

You’ll turn heads and this could result in an instant attraction, putting a spring in your step. Enjoy your popularity, and if you see a friend differently on the 8th be impressed too. It’s time to widen the net to new possibilities, and to overturn old expectations. You’ll hit on novel romantic developments so enjoy being a rebel.

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?This feature was written by our resident astrologer Fiona Graham. Read about her here.

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