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Virgo: all about Virgo star sign


 - Virgo: all about Virgo star sign
Virgos possess an analytical mind. Perfectionists and critical, they're natural worriers and may be excessively meticulous.

For Virgos, it's important to constantly control themselves and maintain their distance. Leaving nothing to chance, their senses govern everything.

Methodical and aware of their limits, Virgos dissect, distill and decant, they separate, distinguish and classify until all that remains is the essential: mind and spirit.

On the surface, ambition appears to be lacking because they act with such modesty but the truth is a lot more subtle. Anxiety alone drives them to hold back and keep an eye on their self-control. As such, you could say that Virgo is the most serious star sign that takes itself the least serious.

From a health point of view, they know how to take care of themselves and they're so careful that you'll often cross them in careers related to caring.

Emotionally, Virgo tries to control their senses and feelings. They want a peaceful marital life and their sense of pride drives them to respect their commitments.

Nevertheless, their partner, family and friends should remember that still waters run deep. If things go pear-shaped, an anticonformist, rebellious Virgo might appear, demanding their independence!


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