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Sagittarius: all about Sagittarius star sign


 - Sagittarius: all about Sagittarius star sign
Sagittarians are characterized by their constant concerns about evolution and perfection. They are friendly, warm and sensual, and enjoy life and all its pleasures.

Sagittarians have high moral standards and a very developed sense of justice and equality. In the eyes of Sagittarius, respect for laws and morality remains an important value.

Extremely good at organizing and leading, they like to put themselves out there in order to obtain honorary distinctions.

Ready to listen and understanding, they appreciate it when people ask them for advice. They can also be fastidious about matters related to prestige and honor.

Sagittarians are attracted to traveling and faraway destinations, but also to diplomacy. A legal career would correspond well to their fair and righteous nature.

Natives of this star sign are sentimental and subject to falling head over heels in love. However, when they meet their soulmate, they'll want to make things official as quickly as possible.

There are two types of Sagittarian: a conformist and a rebel. The two types often coexist, with an element of bourgeois, public man alongside a rebellious libertarian.


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