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Aquarius: all about Aquarius star sign


 - Aquarius: all about Aquarius star sign
Aquarians come to life through their curiosity about the world around them and they are attracted by new theories. They are passionate about recent discoveries and anything that's a bit different fascinates them.

Capable of assimilating and analyzing lots of information, Aquarians could make inspired inventors whose ideas aren't necessarily that realistic though.

They have a gift for getting involved in debates but they hate chit-chat and pointless relationships. Aquarians can dish out harsh criticism but they're sociable creatures despite their intransigence and lack of spontaneity.

Aquarians' temperament drives them to mix with strong personalities with whom they can happily joust for supremacy in the intellectual stakes. You could say that an Aquarian is a cautious rebel who spends their life dreaming of a better world.

Pioneering in spirit, Aquarians will happily shake up the established order of things, just to put things in an order that suits them better. Bursting with activities and ideas, they are willing to climb mountains to get the most idealisitic of their projects off the ground. What's more, they believe that everything has room for improvement!

Their love life isn't necessarily their N° 1 priority because they're neither very emotional nor sensual. Their brain activity tends to dominate their senses and feelings but they are a faithful, honest partner.


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