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Pisces: all about Pisces star sign


 - Pisces: all about Pisces star sign
Ambivalence is a very distinct trait in Pisceans. Complex and temperamental by nature, they are versatile and will find themselves under all sorts of influences.

Gifted with great intuition and extreme sensitivity, natives of this sign profoundly sense the emotions of the people around them. They're shy and often elusive characters.

All activities requiring a close look at the bigger picture will suit Pisceans because they will be forced to stretch themselves.

Careers that are based on dedication (medicine, education, priesthood) as well as activities related to the sea are particularly favored.

Very sensitive and extremely sentimental, Pisces is a bewildering and tormented lover. Pisceans can be both Romeos and platonic, reserved lovers, perhaps through fear of settling down.

Female Pisceans relish a romantic, magical and enchanting universe where they can immerse themselves. She'll be capable of loving in silence, in secret, even when the object of her desires hasn't the faintest idea of her feelings.


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