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What does dreaming about being naked mean?


Dream specialist Louise Sainker gives us her analysis of Kim's dream.

Kim's partial nudity in pubic indicates that she may be a perfectionist. She seems to want everything to be perfect, in order and on time. Perhaps she's suffering from intense pressure in the form of continuous disapproval, which she's trying to avoid by making sure everything is always all right.

Finding yourself naked in an unappropriate context also reveals a need to justify your actions. For the dishonest dreamer, it means a fear of being found out (hence the expression "bare naked truth").  For the honest dreamer (in Kim's case), it indicates misunderstanding, along with moments of loneliness.

Nonetheless, a positive element is that the crowd didn't notice her. This signifies that as far as the other people are concerned, she's normal. As I presume there are a few things weighing on Kim's mind, nudity is a way of turning a situation to her advantage. It's the equivalent of shedding old skin and freeing herself from constraints without feeling guilty.


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