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Aquarius Personality Traits And Information

by cheree Published on February 18, 2008

After the wintry weather comes the liberating air of Aquarius, which spreads solidarity, fraternity, cooperation and fulfillment throughout the world. Aquarius literally means water carrier, and its role is to release waves of regenerative energy into the world. Aquarius is more mentally than emotionally wired. Aquarius transforms water into air. In their own way, Aquarians are alchemists.

Here's our in-depth guide to the Aquarius star sign (21 January - 20 February).

Element: air

Sign: masculine

Ruling planet: Uranus

Body parts: legs, circulatory system

Age: in 70s

Key phrase: we love

Complementary and opposing sign: Leo

Metals: uranium and chromium

Color: violet

Scent: vetiver

Day: Friday

Time period: January/February

The native Aquarius is an intuitive person who dares to imagine and speak what others don't see. Aquarians believe in scientific progress and human morality. Although they may sometimes be described as utopian, idealist or unrealistic, they are genuine, aware and coherent about the expansion of the universe. They are resolute and consistent in their ideas, like inventors and Aquarians Galileo, Edison and Darwin.

Symbolic image of the sign
Aquarius presents us with the symbolic myth of Deluge that we find in numerous cultures, with heroes like Noah who brought riches, animals and humans together on the ark. With the arrival of the seventh day and the Flood, humanity was no longer nothing more than dirt and mud, and God had forced mankind to start afresh. This parable sees man make a transition from the egocentric perception of his personality (Leo) to the broadened wisdom of all things (Aquarius).

Mr Aquarius
He’s slim and svelte with an aura of kindness about him. He knows little pettiness or aggression; he simply turns elsewhere, to other horizons, other encounters. He’s agile, his clothes are light, he’s a man of space, openings and the outdoors. He might be a fantastic storyteller or a born inventor.

In life
He likes all that’s new, original and avant-garde. Everything is a source of amazement to him. His interests are science, biology, psychology, IT and medicine. Aquarian men are also great writers like Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Robert Burns and Francis Bacon. Aquarius boasts the greatest number of geniuses: Mozart, Schubert and Manet, to name a few. So-called “normal” men born under this sign are full of astuteness and dexterity as well as discovery. They’re interested in working alone and doing things their own way: they have a great need for independence and freedom. They are often outstanding artisans, artists, photographers or investigative journalists.

In love
It all gets complicated once you start talking about love with Mr Aquarius. He likes nothing more than his beloved freedom and doesn’t understand why he needs to ally himself with one person. It’s not unusual to see him squirming when the subject of conversation turns to marriage or commitment. He falls for beautiful, unaccessible women, who are devilish or taken, moving from one to the next as he pleases, unless he happens to fall in love, in which case he’ll end up suffering…for a long time! The best bet is to opt for an open relationship: a non-platonic friendship with a woman who also seeks independence. He’s a charmer, not a misogynist in any way, and he’ll help his partner realize her professional value. He loves children and will always be keen to show them the exciting and novel side of life. But he doesn't know the meaning of the word faithful!

Mrs Aquarius
She’s an unpredictable, fantastic, exasperating lady who can’t help but make an impact on people. Her reactions are always surprising and, even more than Mr Aquarius, she's a walking contradiction between what she says and what she does.

In life
Mrs Aquarius is a paradox of sensitivity and incoherence. She likes working in a team, mixing with others on projects or research. She's psychologically tuned in, and she’ll succeed in jobs which require investigative and listening skills. She constantly worries about looking after others and not herself. Free and imaginative, she could have an interesting career of twists and unexpected turns, because she gets bored quickly if routine sets in. She could be an excellent businesswoman, provided that what she sells inspires her.

In love
She says she doesn’t understand anything about love, which is true. She doesn’t see her other half as he actually is, but as she dreams him to be: she glorifies him, and isn't actually happy with him. In no circumstance does she want to encroach upon her partner’s vital freedom, just as she doesn’t want him to encroach upon her freedom. She likes relationships that haven’t yet fully developed, with passionate letters and long telephone conversations. She’s a surprising woman who praises the single life but will happily marry, divorce and move back in with her ex a few months later! While she might be happy with this lifestyle for a while, she must realize that sooner or later she’ll send all men packing and will end up, much to her happiness, a spinster. Children love her eccentricity and extravagance.

by cheree

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