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Homeopathy to stimulate ovulation.

Are there any homeopathic treatments to stimulate ovulation, or any alternatives to Clomid, which my consultant does not want to prescribe me yet?
Also, when should the bleeding stop after a miscarriage and how long will it be before ovulation? Do you have to wait for your next period to conceive?

The principles behind homeopathy are different to conventional medicine, which treats the infection, whereas homeopathy treats the person as a whole. Homeopathic treatments are aimed at the conditions which made the infection possible. If you are interested, speak to a good registered homeopath about your options.
You will bleed for about 10 days after a miscarriage, just like after giving birth. Ovulation normally occurs 14 days before your period, which should return 30 - 40 days after your miscarriage.

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